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Quartz Enterprises expands their SuccessFactors capabilities with Jigsaw Cloud

by Jigsaw Cloud

Quartz Enterprises helps businesses and their leaders grow by sharing expertise in HR, IT, System Integration and Project Management. Quartz Enterprises combines their global know-how with local insight in order to help their customers turn their business goals into reality. With a mission to create value and reimagine the technology that powers the industries they work in, it is crucial that their HR system can keep up. Quartz chose SAP SuccessFactors as their HR system to support their ambitious requirements.


Having already implemented several SuccessFactors modules, Quartz began their journey with Jigsaw Cloud in 2022. Unable to make the most of their chosen modules – Succession & Development, Employee Central and Compensation – Quartz approached Jigsaw Cloud in order to enhance their experience of SuccessFactors.

Jigsaw Cloud’s Key Deliverables for Quartz Enterprises are:

• To build competencies to make changes with confidence

• To use time strategically to set long-term HR goals

• Aid understanding on both sides of the partnership to explore new avenues for growth

• To create a long-term partnership approach, allowing us to develop a bespoke insight into the Quartz business strategy.


If anyone understands the importance of using the right software strategically, it’s Quartz. Therefore, it was important for Jigsaw Cloud’s skilled support team to fully understand how we could best support Quartz to ensure that they could make the most of their SuccessFactors Suite.

The approach we have taken has been to build a partnership based on transparency, communication, and trust. With over 1,500 users, it was critical that Quartz felt confident in their ability to approach SuccessFactors with both an open mind, clear goals and distinct objectives.

We started our journey together with a deep dive review of the modules Quartz were already using. This allowed us to guide them through several new features within these modules that they had not been made aware were available to them. We were therefore able to make suggestions for how to improve workflows and reduce time spent on manual tasks that are achievable within SuccessFactors’ automated capabilities.


The support cases Jigsaw Cloud have assisted Quartz with so far have provided their Senior HR Analyst with the knowledge to resolve many software related issues without the need for consultation.

This meant that Quartz has been able to utilise their support hours with Jigsaw Cloud in order to improve their understanding of how SuccessFactors’ Best Practice could be shaped to Quartz’s requirements. This has allowed Quartz time to consider how to expand and develop their existing system in-line with their requirements, particularly when approaching SuccessFactors’ applications and software extensions.

Jigsaw Cloud’s experience and expertise has ensured that we that we have not used servicing hours solely resolve support issues for Quartz; we have also been able to take the time to demonstrate, in context, how these resolutions could help Quartz to use their system much more efficiently.

We have been delighted to hear from Quartz that “Jigsaw Cloud are a breath of fresh air”. Quartz Enterprises and Jigsaw Cloud have built a strong partnership as we continue to learn how we can make SuccessFactors work more effectively for Quartz. With three SuccessFactors modules being used already, and the Performance & Goals module to be implemented soon, finding and maintaining the right talent is key to Quartz Enterprise’s incredible success. We are delighted that Quartz has chosen to work with Jigsaw Cloud and that the relationship has now developed to include the provision of consulting too.


Being a modular based software, SuccessFactors is constantly growing and developing, so we encourage all of our customers to play with the system in order to see how SuccessFactors can be used to every companies specification.

The ability to make changes within the system and then return to a previous point in the change process is invaluable for learning how SuccessFactors can be best utilised for each and every business, big or small.

The biannual release of new SuccessFactors features is also a great time to do this and to see what SAP SuccessFactors has to offer in order to support your business. Jigsaw Cloud reviews each of these releases and we provide a summary to each of our customers as part of our support service.

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