Embarking on the journey of implementing HR tech is a pivotal decision for any organisation. As technology continues to reshape the landscape of Human Resources, choosing the right strategies becomes paramount. In our latest white paper, “Five Things to Consider When Implementing HR Tech,” we delve into essential insights derived from our extensive experience at Jigsaw Cloud.

Navigating the complexities of HR tech implementation requires a nuanced understanding of your organisation’s unique needs, a commitment to user-friendly interfaces, and an unwavering focus on scalability. Drawing from real-world examples and industry best practices, we bring you actionable insights that go beyond conventional approaches.

Explore the white paper to discover how Jigsaw Cloud’s commitment to personalised solutions, user-centric design, and scalable support services can redefine your HR tech implementation journey. Click below to read more and embark on a path toward a seamlessly integrated and optimally performing HR ecosystem.

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To download the PDF version of this infographic, you can do so here.

If you’d like to access the full report these insights were taken from then you can download Building people and organisational resilience here.

For the last 16 years, Jigsaw Cloud has been helping Professional Services companies across the UK and Ireland to help make their employees happier and more productive and to ensure they are appropriately skilled. We understand that your people are critical to the success of your business, so creating excellent employee experiences from hire-to-retire is essential.

That’s why we’ve collated the 3 most crucial HR priorities now facing professional services firms…

Source: SAP

Source: Forrester

Source: Forrester

We developed a hire-to-retire HR Cloud talent management system, Smart Start for Professional Services, to improve your employee experience and make it easier and faster for you to achieve these top 3 HR priorities.