Recruitment Module

Attract, engage, and successfully recruit top talent anytime, anywhere.

Traditional candidate attraction strategies no longer meet the need to attract, develop, and retain the best talent. Managing through uncertainty has presented challenges, but it also presents an opportunity to innovate with technology that improves the entire candidate journey to joining your organisation.

With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting module you can attract, engage, and hire people more effectively than ever before.

This module maximises your recruiting ROI – letting you execute your entire recruitment strategy through a single cloud-based solution. It uniquely combines applicant tracking, job distribution, and candidate relationship management into a single solution to eliminate the complexities and poor experiences delivered by siloed processes.

The result?

Significant efficiency gains for your recruitment and improved experiences for your candidates.

The key to its success is in the implementation process and Jigsaw’s expertise in this area ensures this is done in the most efficient way, allowing for integrations with other systems and software that may be critical components of your business management.

Key Features

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting offers:


A single solution for complete applicant tracking, job posting, and candidate relationship management.


Engaging end-to-end candidate experiences.


Global and diverse talent sourcing.


Prebuilt integrations with other solutions to accelerate and simplify processes.


Deep localisation delivered and maintained for more than 100 countries.


A proactive approach to worldwide regulatory compliance.


4,000+ global sourcing channels across 80 countries.


Self-service career site which can be multi-brand.


Line-of-sight analytics and embedded intelligence.

Prepare your business for long-term success by attracting, identifying, and hiring the right talent with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, implemented, and supported by a team of experts at Jigsaw

Most organisations had to quickly adopt remote recruitment strategies during the pandemic – sometimes leading to disjointed and makeshift practices. Now, remote recruitment and hybrid working are part of the new normal, organisations need to reflect on their processes and adjust their strategies to make sure they’re in the best position to gain and retain talent.

Key Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Key Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
  • Improve the entire candidate experience
  • Strengthen your employer branding
  • Increase pipeline volume, quality, and diversity
  • Improve recruitment efficiency
  • Accelerate the hiring process
  • Reduce hiring costs

With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting you can

With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting you can

Source the right talent across the globe

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting allows you to have a multichannel approach to sourcing, wherever you need to recruit. With morethan 4,000 sources continually added to and maintained across more than 80 countries, you can significantly increase the volume and diversity of your candidate pipeline. Combine this sourcing with detailed analytics, and you can quickly test, measure, and optimise your recruitment budget.

Deliver a winning candidate experience.

Today’s job seekers have high expectations when it comes to their future employer – and it starts with the candidate experience. If manual, lengthy and inconsistent processes leave little time for engagement and optimisation, the candidate experience suffers. This affects your talent pipeline and recruiting outcomes, and directly influences your company’s ability to grow, innovate, and compete.

The SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting solution gives you the tools, insights, and time to deliver winning experiences for each candidate with every interaction and at scale too.

Nurture talent pipeline.

Candidate relationship management (CRM) capabilities let you nurture relationships with key talent, so important in today’s recruitment. With self-service tools, you can create career site experiences aligned with your employer brand, and accessible on any device. This allows you to quickly adapt as recruiting strategies and market demands shift.

With a range of engagement tools, it’s easy to manage personalised one-to-many or one-to-one communications. As candidates engage you are notified to allow for speedy follow-up and stage progression, critical in our candidate driven jobs market to ensure you don’t lose the best talent to your competitors.

Streamline and optimise the hiring process.

Auto-filled job requisition fields, auto-populated talent pools, and auto-progression of candidates allows for more time planning, engaging, and optimising. Additionally, embedded interview capabilities provide scheduling and guidance, while overall and competency candidate rankings are calculated automatically to ensure the best candidate is selected quickly and fairly.

Flexible career site and application options provide an intuitive way to navigate, search, and apply for the opportunity best suited for your candidates and personalised notifications keep them engaged and help accelerate your time to hire.

Supported by our team of experts at Jigsaw Cloud

Supported by our team of experts at Jigsaw Cloud

SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting is a proven solution implemented, integrated, and supported by our team of experts at Jigsaw Cloud.

According to the CIPD, 43% of organisations are taking an ad hoc approach to recruitment, so now’s the time to get ahead of the competition and ensure your remote attraction, onboarding and retention strategies are effective – to help win the best talent, wherever they are.

Join companies of all sizes worldwide who choose SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting to manage their talent acquisition, including mass hiring, diversity hiring, employer branding, event recruiting, passive nurture, and remote recruiting.

For a no obligation chat about your Recruitment technology needs and discover the benefits and features of SAP SuccessFactors and how it can transform your new hire experience please get in touch today.