Succession Development Module

Identify, develop, and retain your high-performing talent.

Today organisations are placing more emphasis on succession and development to combat the global skills shortage and ensure talent continuity. Companies know that to support aggressive growth plans they must have the right people in the right roles today and in the future. This means having a workforce that’s highly engaged as well as having a strong talent pipeline that’s always in place.

To have a competitive edge you need to be able to identify and prepare future leaders through employee development, succession planning, career pathing, unbiased talent reviews, and real-time people insights to make better workforce decisions.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development allows you to identify, develop, and retain your high-performing talent by engaging your employees with meaningful career development opportunities, whilst closing skills gaps, and nurturing leaders.

Key Features

With SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development you can:


Assess employee potential to identify, develop, and retain people needed to build a talent pipeline for critical roles.


Get quick visibility into talent gaps, including key indicators such as risk and impact of loss.


Present and share live talent information to easily engage in strategic succession planning.


Provide ongoing coaching and feedback to help ensure that employees focus on the right development activities.


Match mentors and mentees automatically, providing a powerful way to accelerate employee development.


Help your employees explore career paths, assess readiness, and address gaps with targeted career development plans.


Shift from manual, paper-based succession processes, significantly reducing time to develop succession plans.


Empower your employees to take control over their career growth.

If your organisation is not able to identify a supply of available talent to fill key positions, or you have difficulty scaling succession planning for roles or you lack a defined process to identify and close skills gaps within the organisation then SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development is the tool to change that.

This SAP SuccessFactors module allows you to drive smarter talent decisions faster by providing intelligent guidance where and when it’s needed through recommended successors, careers, and mentors. Additionally, it can extend succession processes throughout your organisation, for all key positions and enable you to build strong talent pipelines that support the business needs of today and tomorrow

Succession Management

Succession Management

Identify critical roles and where there are gaps; easily view, track, update, and search for successor candidates; create dynamic talent pools.

Career and Development Planning

Career and Development Planning

Engage employees with intelligent career pathing and suggested roles; identify and close skills gaps; accelerate development with intelligent mentoring programs.



Accurately identify future leaders; visually compare employees to make objective assessment and succession decisions.

Why choose SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development?

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Higher retention of top performers
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Improved talent mobility across organization
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Higher and faster time to productivity with more internal hires
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Significantly lower employee acquisition costs
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Broader talent pipelines, reduced organizational risk
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Better workforce engagement

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