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Keep employees engaged, connected, and empowered for today and the future.

Agility has become a necessity for organisations. A top priority is the need for skilled people in the most critical roles, which means upskilling and reskilling your workforce. And this need is only going to accelerate.

To ensure your organisation has that agility, you need to have in place a learning ecosystem that enables you to truly support skills management and learning and development in the immediate context of employees’ day-to-day activities.

Learning while working is the new normal, and you can foster greater productivity and collaboration through learning in the flow of work. Because of that, the focus in corporate learning is shifting from formal training programs and learning paths toward self-determined learning.

So, how can you deliver the best training and content for each learner in a way that’s engaging, maximises retention, and ensures time spent is relevant and aligned with both employee’s career goals and your company’s current and future business strategy?

SAP SuccessFactors Learning gives insights into real career growth opportunities, uses system data to recommend topics, skills, and future roles to consider, and makes personalised resource discovery easier than ever. The result? Your employees can be engaged, empowered, and connected and so be prepared for the future.

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SAP SuccessFactors Learning:

Manage, develop and deliver

Allows you to manage, develop and deliver instructor-led learning and self-serve online training.

Personalised programmes

Provides personalised programmes.


Automates compliance training.

Clear career paths

Offers clear, compelling career paths to cultivate your talent.

Continuous learning culture

Supports a continuous learning culture.

Measurable business outcomes

Drives measurable business outcomes through greater employee engagement.


Ensures regulatory compliance.

Alignment with business goals

Aligns your Learning & Development with your business goals.

With this type of unified learning management system you will have the ability to develop a culture of continuous learning.

And that is now a real differentiator. Companies that embrace this type of culture are more prepared when they needto fill gaps for critical roles in times of transformation.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning helps prepare your people for the future with innovative capabilities to drive skills management, learning and development. This SuccessFactors module will:

  • Boost learner engagement with blended learning capabilities and personalised content.
  • Improve regulatory adherence and lower legal risk by automating compliance training.
  • Design and curate learning experiences for your extended business network.
  • Develop employees at all stages with comprehensive support from hire to retire.


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It’s time to upskill and reskill your workforce to adapt to change.

The world of work has changed and will continue to evolve. Introducing SAP SuccessFactors Learning will allow your organisation to:

Leverage innovative methods to fill the skills gap.

Working remotely and mobile is mainstream now and ensures employees can access learning to build up skills wherever and whenever needed by using different delivery modes.

Foster an environment where people can collaborate and build meaningful connections.

Complement formal training with informal, collaborative, and engaging communities of practice that offer easy access to experts and knowledge sharing to build up skills quickly.

Empower people through coaching and continuous learning.

A dynamic environment of ongoing feedback, coaching and learning empowers people to take charge of their development with confidence. With intelligent recommendations for learning, mentors, and career paths, people can identify new opportunities and areas to grow.

Offer the most relevant training content.

Employees are overwhelmed with information and may not be able to easily find content that is relevant for them. Offer content that is assigned or proactively proposed and updated based on learner’s interests, goals, playlists, learning styles or content preferences.

Support continuous improvements to be effective and agile.

Get information on strategic initiatives and programs to identify if learning and development investments work or need to be adjusted.

Provide an immersive experience to keep employee engagement high.

Create meaningful learner experiences and deliver personalized, multimodal content and learning paths to employees to support a continual learning culture to keep relevant skills up to date.

The time is now to enhance and accelerate your learning strategy and build a more adaptable and flexible workforce for both today and the future. SAP SuccessFactors Learning is the tool to help you achieve this, implemented, integrated, and supported by our team of HR expert consultants at Jigsaw Cloud to ensure your organisation can cultivate a truly agile workforce.


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