Compensation Module

Attract, motivate, and retain your employees wherever they work.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation allows you to motivate your employees to perform at their best.

Massive disruption is creating a seismic shift in how and where people work – the mainstream adoption of remote and hybrid working models means that more employees are working from home. Additionally, the type and style of work being done is also changing. This means it’s never been more important to stay connected with your employees and keep them engaged and motivated.

This module helps you build and manage strategic compensation programs that align with the needs of your employees, your business, and your budget. Unlike personal productivity tools or other solutions that simply automate and streamline compensation planning, cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors Compensation focuses on delivering meaningful rewards experiences that are personalised, relevant, frequent, and timely for your employees wherever they work in the world.

Key Features

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation offers a range of integrated tools to build and manage strategic employee compensation programs.


A single global compensation planning option for base, bonus, and long-term incentives.


Supports 40+ languages including right-to-left read and any currency.


Instant insights including key compensation metrics and employee data.


Configurable personal compensation statements.


Bonus forecasting, budgeting, and accruals.


Reward and recognition available on mobile.


Management capabilities to support your end-to-end business processes.


Integration with other SAP SuccessFactors module

For many organisations, compensation and reward planning is a time intense, manual process that is often error-prone and insecure.

Add in remote or hybrid working models and compensation can often differ across geographies and/or divisions within the business. Combined with the rapidly changing needs of today’s employees it’s often the case that compensation and rewards mechanisms are not agile in adapting to these changes or scenarios.

It’s also important to explore, if your organisation has shifted to a remote or hybrid workforce, if there is true alignment between employee tasks and your evolving strategic business priorities.

Why choose Jigsaw Cloud as your SAP SuccessFactors partner?

Why choose Jigsaw Cloud as your SAP SuccessFactors partner?

At Jigsaw Cloud, our team of HR consultants are highly knowledgeable on all aspects of HR and are adept at looking at how SAP SuccessFactors modules like Compensation can be implemented and integrated into your business to avoid:

  • Information silos created by a lack of management tool integration.
  • No alignment of compensation and rewards with the overall business strategy.
  • Hindering employee motivation because there is a delay in recognition and reward.
  • A lack of employee understanding of the value of their compensation and rewards.
  • Inconsistent pay practices and lack of visibility across the organisation.

Benefits for your teams

How SAP SuccessFactors Compensation can meet the demands of your team.
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Easier tool
Easier, centralised compensation administration tool for HR
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More secure
More secure, role-based, and field-based permissions protect data.
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Automated, real-time calculations of pay increases and bonuses.
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40+ languages
Global planning with localized compensation forms in 40+ languages.
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Rewards and recognition
Recognise employee achievements and reinforce behaviours with just-in-time rewards and recognition to improve employee engagement and staff retention.
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Strategic planning
Strategic compensation planning and budget optimisation by aligning compensation plans with financial and HR objectives.
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Increased transparency
Increased transparency and objectivity in pay decisions with compensation calibration
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Performance recognition
Immediate recognition of performance keeps your employees engaged.
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Globally compliant
Globally compliant, regionally configurable compensation programs.

Benefits for your organisation

Choose SAP SuccessFactors Compensation to motivate and retain your employees wherever they work. SAP SuccessFactors Compensation allows you to build and manage strategic employee compensation programs using intuitive cloud-based software. At the same time, you can improve the rewards experience for your remote workforce. Both elements are key to maintaining a positive workplace culture – something that is more important than ever in the current candidate driven marketplace.

Here are just some of the proven results from organisations who have implemented SAP SuccessFactors Compensation within their business:
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Consolidated view
Single companywide consolidated view of compensation and bonus.
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Accelerated compensation
Accelerated compensation cycle from 2 months to 5 days.
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Real-time visibility
Optimised annual compensation process with real-time visibility, less preparation, and fewer manual inputs.
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Easier planning
Easier planning for employees across multiple countries and better budget utilisation
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Increased accuracy
Increased accuracy and efficiency of the entire compensation process
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Aligned compensation with business objectives.

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