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Making the adoption of online learning that little bit easier. Here at Jigsaw Cloud we offer a range of SAP Litmos support and consultancy services, including bespoke implementation and customisation, training and online learning library content population, designed to make your adoption of SAP Litmos as smooth as possible.

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We understand that a new technology platform, no matter how intuitive it may be, still needs to be set up and supported properly – and often that requires a bit of hand holding and additional help along the way. That’s what we’re here to do. Many of the clients we work with struggle to find enough resource, or the right skill-set, internally to implement and roll-out their new SAP Litmos LMS to the full specification they need in order to get the most out of their investment. 

Whether that’s around branding the platform, loading course content or training your colleagues. Here’s how we can help…

SAP Litmos Consultancy & Health Check Services

As an accredited SAP Litmos partner, we work with you to ensure SAP Litmos is the right solution for your business and your training needs, conducting a detailed review of requirements against system features. If you already have SAP Litmos, but are unsure how well it’s being used, we also offer a health check service to assess how well you’re using the tool’s features and functionality, providing hands-on support and training to help you get the most out of the LMS and online learning library. 

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SAP Litmos Training & Bespoke Guidance

We offer virtual training on SAP Litmos, tailored to your needs. For many of our clients, they don’t have time to read through all of the online training modules within the platform, and instead prefer to talk to an expert who can answer their questions clearly and quickly, and offer training that’s bespoke to their own organisation, content and users. This is exactly what we do.

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SAP Litmos Learning Library Content Creation

A major benefit of Litmos is having all of your own learning content in one portal. However, that can often take some time to set-up, especially if you have multiple course workflows and need to factor in many different question and answer formats. We can help will loading all of your course content into SAP Litmos, including setting up all course workflows, results presentation formats and providing advice on the best learning method for your organisation and course content.

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SAP Litmos Customisation

With extensive experience of the SAP Litmos platform, we can configure the system to suit your business. This often involves things like adding your corporate branding (logo, colour palette), developing tailored reporting and the front-end design of your dashboard, whether a custom HTML banner or any other design ideas you need to incorporate. 

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“We engaged with Jigsaw Cloud for help in converting content that had been developed by our subject matter experts over to the Litmos content hub. I was really impressed by the speed and quality of work delivered by our SAP Litmos Specialist at Jigsaw Cloud. Great services and even greater value for money.”

SAP Litmos is an online corporate training platform that enables smarter, faster corporate eLearning. Watch the video for a short overview of what Litmos can offer you via its powerful learning management system (LMS), SAP Litmos Training.


Why can’t I use the SAP Litmos online support site?

SAP Litmos product support is available to all customers, but most businesses require more tailored and responsive support, aligned to best practice which is what Jigsaw Cloud, as an accredited SAP Litmos partner, provides.

What’s the benefit of using Jigsaw Cloud over SAP Litmos for these services?

Jigsaw Cloud provides excellence in all areas of SAP Litmos, with highly available telephone support, as well as email support. Due to the sheer volume of support calls that SAP receives every day only a limited amount of time can be spent on each customer, all of which is managed purely via email and online channels. We offer SAP Litmos support via phone, email or face to face via Microsoft Teams. Most of our customers engage with us on support via telephone and Teams as they appreciate the one-to-one interaction.

What about content creation? Is this something you can help with?

Absolutely, we take pride in creating the best possible content for all our customers, utilising a wide variety of the tools available within SAP Litmos and the content author. We can also convert content created by subject matter experts on other platforms such as PowerPoint over to Litmos. This service saves the customer many hours of heavy admin time.

Is there an option for One-to-One training for anything Litmos?

Absolutely, we offer training in all areas of Litmos. In the past we have helped customers gain better understanding of the content authoring ability of Litmos, reporting ability and the power of additional Litmos features such as e-commerce, gamification or course collections.

Looking for Litmos Support?

If you’d like to find out about our SAP Litmos support offering, complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

SAP Litmos empowers organisations to align corporate training with the company’s most important strategic goals, while developing highly up-skilled workers who are more engaged, satisfied, and equipped to deliver the best customer experience possible.

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