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Four Effective yet Simple Tips To Improving Workplace Culture

by Jigsaw Cloud

A positive workplace culture isn’t always about those after-work drinks. Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. It’s encouraging ethics, employee engagement and creativity throughout a workforce.

Though this may sound like a chore, improving workplace culture is easier than you think. Here are four simple and quick ways companies can improve their everyday workplace culture to ensure an increase in employee engagement and motivation:

Embrace Flexibility

The standard 9-5 office job rules are being challenged. All employees have the legal right to request to adapt their working hours and location. Flexible working hours and the option to job share are increasingly being introduced, as HR departments focus their attention on ensuring that employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Employees should be allowed to adapt their working hours around their personal requirements, possibly through a flexitime approach. Allowing employees to work from home when needed aids employees to return to work feeling more relaxed, motivated and refreshed.

Providing Employee Recognition

Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Everyone wants a ‘pat on the back’ to make them feel good. It is therefore important that hard-working employees feel that their efforts are being continuously recognised and rewarded. Management teams shouldn’t wait until the end of projects to provide their employees with praise.

Companies should ensure that reward or benefit schemes are put into place to help workers feel a sense of achievement and acknowledgement for their efforts. The cost of a recognition system is almost free, and the benefits are large when implemented effectively. Valuing hard work and contribution results in an increase in employee engagement, performance and productivity output.

Allow for a Confidential Open-Door Policy

Caring for employees personal and workplace struggles, as well as their achievements, creates a personalised and supportive company culture. Encouraging a confidential open-door policy with HR departments or senior team members, allows employees the freedom to speak up more openly, ensuring improved communication and feedback.

Companies should take into consideration the needs and concerns of an employee, so role adaptions can be made in order for them to do their job properly. It is important that the working environment remains ethical and fair to encourage a friendly company culture.

Encourage Teamwork

No company will succeed if the employees continuously feel that they are competing against each other for attention and results. Management may feel that creating a competitive nature between employee’s and teams will result in a more driven and determined workforce. However, this is rarely the case.

An environment that promotes the use of supportive teamwork and close relationships creates a more loyal and friendlier atmosphere. All employees should be aware of their management and teams company goals, so they can all strive to achieve them together as a unit. This in itself is what encourages employees to work harder and produce more results.

Overall, company culture is about ensuring a positive and healthy working environment for employees. It is the sum a workforce’s values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours, and attitudes.

Through management showing that they care about their employees needs and wellbeing, a positive and mindful company culture is instantly created. What other tips do you have to improve company’s workplace culture?

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