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Four Reasons Why Every SME Should Invest in Workplace Wellbeing

In 2017, 12.5 million working days in the UK were lost due to poor mental or physical health. For larger cooperation’s, employees missing a few days of work is easy to cover – however the same cannot be said for SME’s. 

Businesses of a smaller size may feel the sting of understaffing, causing organisations to often put pressure on employees to return to work before they should. It is vital for both employees and businesses that mental health and wellbeing should be a continuous priority.

Here are four reasons why it is so important to consider the wellbeing of employees :

1. Retention of Talent

More than half, 60%, of HR managers have claimed that talented and hardworking employees have left their jobs due to a negative or stressful workplace environment. SME’s should offer a HR solution and open door policy that allows employees to talk in private whenever any problems arise. 

2. Higher Productivity

60% of employees believe that being seated in front of a computer on a daily basis has caused their productivity at work to decrease. In a recent survey, it revealed that happier employees are 12% more productive. ‘According to Stephen Bowden, chartered ergonomist for Morgan Maxwell, “Modest gains in staff wellbeing and productivity can deliver significant financial savings.”’ (1)

3. Reduced Absenteeism

32% of employees have taken off an average of 2 weeks per year due to ailments of working directly in front of a computer and desk. These problems can include migraines, joint pains or the regular need for eyesight testing. Being active during the working day aids to eliminate physical issues. Employees should be encouraged to take regular breaks, even if that entails a simple trip to the kitchen. Therefore, being active helps reduce the amount of time needed to be taken off.

4. Attractive Employer Brand

‘Nearly three quarters of European employees believe that companies with strong health and wellbeing ethics attract the best staff.’ (2) Creating a positive working environment encourages people to achieve their best results. With the companies reputation of well-treated staff, it therefore begins to attract new talent. This is something especially true for the younger generations.

In the long run, having a wellbeing strategy in place saves organisations money due to the lack of employee absences. It reduces staff turn-over rates and employees will feel more valued and supported within their job roles. 

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So, how does employee wellbeing impact your organisation? Let us know in the comments. 

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