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Four Ways HR Departments Can Boost Employee Engagement

by Jigsaw Cloud

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is not equal to employee happiness. According to Forbes, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company.”

When employees are engaged, they automatically put more effort into their work. This creates an overall higher productivity, profit and performance rate within the company. 80% of HR employers, who took part in a G2 Crowd survey, revealed that using HR technologies improved employee attitude towards the company.

So how can companies ensure their employees remain engaged? Below I have rounded up the top four methods HR departments can use to ensure employees care about their job role and company:

1. Create Personalised Goals

If company managers want their employees to succeed, then creating personal, strategic achievements and goals is vital. If an employee feels as though they are not contributing enough to the business, then they may put less effort into their work or leave. HR departments should use an HR system that provides, easy to access goals for employees and for their managers to regularly review.

2. An Open-Door Policy

It is important for employees to feel that their organisation cares not only about their achievements but also their struggles, whether they may be work-related or personal. If an employee feels that they are lacking support, then the company may find themselves losing experienced employees.

Ensuring that the HR department implements an open-door policy establishes that the company is taking responsibility for their employees’ mental health and wellbeing. It also a great way of encouraging conversation and breaking down the social stigmas and barriers on certain subjects.

HR departments should take into consideration the concerns of the employee, implementing changes or providing support where needed within the employee’s job role.

3. Appropriate Training

No employee will care about their job if they feel neither their skill set, or experience, is developing.

HR departments should provide employees with the correct tools and training programmes in order for them to do their job properly and reach their full potential. If an employee feels they are being hindered from progressing down their career path, they may begin searching for another position.

Training programmes should be regularly provided and aimed to be varied in order to maintain high levels of employee engagements.

4. Employee Compensation

Hard working employees should be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. HR departments should implement compensation and reward schemes to ensure employees feel a sense of achievement and that they are appreciated for their productiveness.

HR departments can boost a companies employee engagement level through not only implimenting HR technology services but simply by recognising an employees concerns and achievements. Employees feel they are being seen more as individuals and less of a faceless mass, resulting in a higher interest of the company and increased engagement.

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