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Four Ways HR Departments Recruit via Social Media

What is Social Media Recruiting?

Online recruiting is discovering and connecting with potential candidates to fill job vacancies within an organisation. Today, the average internet user owns over five social media accounts and according to Social Media Today, ‘30% of time spent online is now allocated to social media interaction.’

As the use of social media and LinkedIn rapidly grows, more organisations are actively seeking out candidates using these digital platforms. This is instead of paying towards recruiters or posting ads on job boards.

The age of digital has reached a point where social recruiting is a must for companies. Many companies who are currently attempting to recruit via social media, do so, but unsuccessfully.

Below explains some of the top methods HR departments use to recruit on social media successfully:

Targeting the Right People:

When it comes to recruiting via social networks, it is all about cutting and sorting through the conversations and interactions to discover the right people. It is finding the individuals who are seeking work, who possess relevant experience and availability. According to Recruiter Box, ‘being active in LinkedIn groups and using hashtags are great ways to get your job openings in front of candidates you want to apply.’ When applied to Jigsaw Cloud, these can be personalised hashtags such as #JigsawCloudCareers or #JigsawCloudVacanies.

Involve Everyone:

Encourage every employee to share or retweet the vacancy posts or to simply engage with your brand in general on social media. This way, it will spread the word your company is recruiting a lot faster and to people who are potentially working within similar or partnering industries.

Promote Your Culture:

Social media recruiting isn’t all about posting job ads and messaging potential candidates, it is in the best interest of the company to continuously share content regarding the organisation. The content should show the company in a positive light and organically attract potential candidates without any need for them to view the jobs ads. 

Add a Personal Touch:

Potential candidates, with an abundance of experience, receive many messages from recruiters. Adding personal touches to a direct message, for example on Linkedin, will get you more attention than a simple copy and paste job. Talk about what caught your attention on the candidates profile and how their skills would benefit the company. 

Overall, social media recruiting, when completed successfully, can bring an organisation an additional 30–50% more candidates. Companies can save money when looking for candidates on a budget, discover resume details without needing to see actual resumes and see if candidates have the appropriate culture fit through displayed hobbies and interests. 




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