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Three Takeaways from the SAP Influencer Session

On the 21stof November, I was invited by SAP to speak at an influencer session on behalf of Jigsaw Cloud alongside our CEO, Paul Rae. The intention? 

To share our experience of developing our packaged HR solution on the SAP SuccessFactors platform. Our presentation specifically focused on the value it has created for our customers. Whilst I would love to go into further details on the package, Smart Start by Jigsaw Cloud, this isn’t the purpose of my blog.

Key areas that were covered at the event were how packaged solutions accelerate the time to value for customers, showcasing how governed customer data can deliver incredible experiences to end customers, how machine learning can save huge amount of time and money & allow organisation to innovate. The presenters and partners that presented throughout the event greatly inspired me. 

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Below is a round-up of my Top Three Takeaways from the event:

1. We can all be innovators 

The days of relying on big software vendors, and nothing more, have ended. An increasing number of organisations are seeking for innovation to address small, but important, business challenges and to drive value. However, technology is still required to fit within their current and future technology landscapes. This is where we can all offer innovation – through taking an approach that allows organisations to extend the functionality of their core business applications. (The best of both worlds.)  

2. Collaboration is key 

As technology increases in accessibility and the need to balance technical skills, domain knowledge and experience becomes more prevalent, collaboration becomes the key to ultimate success. Addressing business challenges requires a delicate concoction of skills and experience that often cannot be provided by merely one party. Technology experts, domain and functional expertise are needed to provide truly innovate solutions. 

3. Time to value is Imperative

The ability to respond to business challenges and provide innovative solutions within the shortest time span is key. This means solutions need to be available in weeks rather than months. This requires us to approach these problems in a way that is flexible and focused and starts with ensuring we understand the problem itself. Too often we define a solution before being clear on the actual root cause of the problem, so by ensuring the problem is clear from the outset and through applying an agile development approach, we can provide a prototype that organisations can get their hands on quickly, speeding up the time to value. 

Overall, the event was a fantastic opportunity to interact with other SAP partners and witness the challenges and successes they are experiencing within the market. I am looking forward to visiting and participating within the next event.

To find out more about Smart Start and how it’s services can help your buisness, click below:

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To find out more about Smart Start and how it's services can help your buisness, click below:

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