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Top Three HR Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

With the arrival of a new year, HR will continue to evolve and develop with new goals, processes and updates throughout the upcoming months.

Below are some of the key trends expected to emerge and flourish within the year 2019:

Employee Engagement: 

There is plenty of evidence proving that ‘when HR and non HR employees feel valued—their dedication and enthusiasm for their jobs, coworkers, and companies grow. This, in turn, increases employee retention, performance, and productivity.’ So, when employees are engaged, it not only benefits their future but the companies in the long run also.

In a G2 Crowd EE survey, results showed that 80% of HR employees surveyed found that using HR technologies improved employee attitude towards their company. Companies can use their chosen HR software and technologies to track employee performance, support their challenges and offer one on one feedback. Organising appropriate company training, plus recognising each persons individual achievements and successes can increase the value an employee feels.

It is predicted that organisations will increase their spendings on employee engagement within their HR departments up to 45% within the year 2019. 

Embracing Diversity:

The consideration of organisations seeking to embrace diversity will continue to be a main focus throughout 2019. From race, religion through to gender and age, HR will aim to continue improving the fairness, equality and the diversity of  companies and organisations. With an increasing number of businesses going global, introducing diversity and maintaining a culture is of the upmost importance. ‘HR has to ensure that the diverse socio – economic, cultural aspect of the employees are seamlessly integrated within an organization.’ – People Matters.

It is predicted in 2019 that companies will recognise and identify their own bias and work with their HR departments to take the appropriate steps to decrease this within the hiring and working process. ‘Companies will set diversity goals which HR personnel and hiring managers will then need to meet.’ – G2 Crowd.

The Growth of Remote Working:

Due to rapid changes in recent years within HR technology, it is now believed that over ‘70% of global office professionals work remotely at least once per week. And it’s not just full-time employees that are telecommuting. There are currently 53 million freelancers in America.’ – Human Resources Today.

The standard 9-5 time slot for working hours is being tested, and in 2019, HR departments are predicted to begin thinking outsized the box in order to adapt to these ever-evolving changes. Hiring freelancers, homebred workers and candidates for short term projects  can now be managed through the use of HR technology. 

Overall the HR trends for 2019 will focus entirely on the people and how technology can add fairness, equality and adapt to the changing working patterns of the people within the modern era. 





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