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How your organisation can improve its remote recruitment

The Great Resignation has left many organisations struggling to find new talent, and 91% of HR leaders are at least somewhat concerned about rising turnover.

Greater turnover is increasing the competition for new potential hires, meaning it’s more difficult to secure the talent you need. And when you factor in new remote working expectations, the challenges only grow.

To help your organisation attract, onboard, and retain remote talent, here are Jigsaw Cloud’s five steps to successful remote recruitment.

1. Connect with potential candidates

According to the CIPD, professional networking sites are one of the most effective attraction methods. By working with recruiters and talent managers, you can create bespoke messaging and email campaigns to connect with potential talent.

This proactive approach will help to nurture and engage the right kind of candidates, without waiting for them to apply.

2. Use a recruitment management platform

Nearly a third of organisations are reporting an excessive number of applicants – and it’s leading to hours of manual work.

By adopting a recruitment management platform, you can use algorithms to get greater visibility into your applicant pool – finding the best candidate in minutes and giving you the time to engage with them.

Nearly two-thirds of HR professionals report technology speeds up the recruitment process, and 37% say it also helps to reduce unconscious bias.

3. Preboard new hires

Preboarding new hires can help to accelerate their time to productivity. To support your new hires so they’re ready for work as soon as they log in, you can:

Organise paperwork

  • Consolidate the information your new hires will need into a central location where they’ll be able to digitally sign and read crucial documentation

Provide equipment

  • Supply new hires with technology and other equipment and schedule an IT session to help them access essential systems

Set up training sessions

  • It’s vital you’re offering introductory training sessions to help new hires get to grips with your organisation, processes and new technology

Have a get-together

  • Preboarding social activities will help ensure your new hires are more comfortable and will help establish a foundation for building rapport

4. Regularly communicate

Gartner reported 46% of employees interact with colleagues less when working remotely. And 53% of employees said that their interactions with colleagues were more transactional rather than meaningful – so it’s important to encourage genuine communication, especially during onboarding.

5. Ask for feedback

Without asking, you can’t know how valuable your efforts are. Employee onboarding surveys can be useful for gauging whether you’re meeting employee expectations, and how likely new hires are to stay.

This will be especially important during onboarding, as Deloitte reports that employees with less than two years on the job expressed the strongest intentions to leave.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your remote recruitment, we have HR consultants with decades of experience across a wide range of sectors – just get in touch to see how we can help.

Here at Jigsaw Cloud, we’ve been helping small to medium businesses achieve their HR goals since 2004. With an experienced team of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Litmos consultants and HR practitioners, we understand how to combine people management, technology, and process together to achieve maximum business impact.

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