Employee experience & Wellbeing

The drive for better employee wellbeing has been on the agenda for some years, encouraging companies to shift their health & safety initiatives to encompass the psychosocial aspects of working life. The pandemic has pushed it to the forefront, and wellbeing at work has been one of the buzz words of the past 2+ years, and rightly so. We are all aware of the impact the global pandemic has had and continues to have on mental health. The changes to the working environment of many, caused by COVID, have been a huge contribution to that.

Yes, we’re all now very familiar with the rhetoric about how important it is to support our staff with their mental and physical health, about how your employees will be more engaged with the business and ‘go the extra mile’ for you, if you show you care about them. What was a nice to have initiative, has become an absolute must have as employees and employers alike have been forced to re-evaluate almost all aspects of what wellbeing at work now looks like. So, it’s key to acknowledge that the mental health of all staff applies 24 hours a day and is simply not paused during working hours. 

At the same time, recognising and valuing employee wellbeing is just part of offering an overall positive employee experience for your people.

At Jigsaw Cloud, whilst our expertise is in cloud-based HR technology and talent management solutions, we do work alongside and in partnership with HR professionals from a wide range of industries. So, we are familiar with the latest trends and initiatives when it comes to employee experience and wellbeing, and this is the focus of this section of our blog.