HR Systems

HR Systems allow you to implement business processes more smoothly across your entire HR domain for improved insight, strategic decision-making, and, ultimately, better business performance.

They can increase workforce productivity and elevate your HR service delivery with efficient, real-time processes and allow for holistic data-driven insights for better decision-making for HR and your management team.

Making the most of any HR system can accelerate, streamline, and simplify a wide variety of processes to attract, develop, and retain employees, manage employees’ time and attendance and support compliance around the globe on a single platform if your business requires. But where do you start with finding the one suited to your business, or make the most of the investment you have made in your current one?

Here at Jigsaw Cloud, our specialism IS HR systems, namely SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. We are a team of experts in cloud-based HR technology and talent management solutions.

We have in-depth HR system implementation experience covering comprehensive scoping and configuration, plus onboarding and training. And our expertise extends to timely, tailored support post implementation too.

This section of our blog is designed to educate, inform, and highlight key technical knowledge, facts and trends to help you if you’re looking to invest in an HR system or support you if you wish to enhance understanding and maximise your use of the one you already have in place.