Learning & Development

With global reports of skill shortages as new technologies emerge, the need for new skills is accelerating. 

With this ever-changing skills landscape, how can you deliver the best training and content for each learner in a way that’s engaging, maximises retention, and ensures time spent is relevant and aligned with both employee’s career goals and your company’s current and future business strategy?

Your organisation needs a learning ecosystem that enables you to truly support skills management, and learning and development, with agility and innovation.

The SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution gives insights into real career growth opportunities, uses system data to recommend topics, skills, and future roles to consider, and makes personalised resource discovery easier than ever. Employees can be engaged, empowered, and connected and so be prepared for the future, which means your business is too. With the ability to manage, develop and deliver instructor-led learning and self-serve online training, provide personalised programmes and automate compliance training, you can build a culture of continuous learning.

Companies that embrace a culture of continuous learning are more prepared when they need to fill gaps for critical roles in times of transformation, and those times are now.

Jigsaw Cloud are a team of experts in cloud-based HR technology and talent management solutions, and our specialism is the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. This section of our blog is designed to inform, to educate and provide technical tips and tricks to ensure you’re the learning & development capabilities within your organisation allow your people to gain the skills they need, in the most suitable format, to allow your business to thrive.