Recruitment & Onboarding

Business success starts with your people.

When you’re sourcing talent when there are skills shortages, it’s important to be mindful of candidate expectations as their criteria when job searching has evolved. This means expectations on those recruiting is growing – but often the tools and processes remain inefficient, and that rare candidate gets snapped up by the competition.

Also, workforce needs are evolving with soft skills, internal mobility, and agile planning on the rise. Also, diversity and inclusion are key business initiatives, which start with the hiring process.

And recruitment does not end at job offer! The new hire experience is an important bridge between the candidate and employee experience. Onboarding is a critical time that should reinforce positive impressions, call them into question, or negatively alter them.

To successfully find, engage, recruit, and retain the very best talent for your business can be a challenge – in the ongoing war for talent we see across many industries.

Jigsaw Cloud are a team of experts in cloud-based HR technology and talent management solutions, and our specialism is the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite.

This award-winning cloud-based system offers a recruitment module with a range of features, functions and capabilities so you can easily manage the entire recruitment and onboarding process whether you wish to launch and manage individual recruitment campaigns or develop a global careers site. It’s an end-to-end and flexible single solution to simplify recruiting wherever you need to source talent in the world.

Companies spend countless resources to secure talent, so this section of our blog is designed to offer information, advice, and trends on all elements of recruitment and onboarding to ensure you can offer a great candidate to employee experience at every touchpoint.